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Criteria, rules and procedures for recruitment

  1. Applicant with a master’s degree diploma in the field of chemistry of foreign universities is eligible for admission to Chemistry Doctoral Studies, paid studies conducted in English. Validation of diploma is necessary. In the case of applicant with bachelor’s degree diploma, the applicant is required to complete education at the second cycle studies (MSc) at the Faculty of Chemistry. Document with information about courses during the studies and obtained evaluations must be attached.
  2. The applicant shall provide an opinion about ordinary skills in chemistry and the capability of scientific work issued by her/his thesis supervisor of the university or supervisor of the place of employment.
  3. A candidate shall attach a written statement of one of the professors, employed at the Faculty of Chemistry NCU, which will be a tutor of the PhD student.
  4. The candidate attaches documents which confirm any additional qualifications and scientific achievements (publications, patents, language certificates).
  5. The candidate submits required documents at the Department of Chemistry (room 72) before 1.09 of the academic year.
  6. Terms of payment for Chemistry Doctoral Studies, conducted in English, are specified in the written agreement between the NCU and a PhD student.
  7. Recruitment process is conducted by the recruitment committee appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. The Committee makes a final decision as to accept the candidate for doctoral studies.