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For current students

General information

Attention! Changes in the organisation of the academic year
The winter semester has been extended by five days and will last until February 19, 2023. The winter holidays, which will begin on December 23, 2022, and end on January 8, 2023, will also be extended. After the break, students will return to classes on January 9. The winter examination session is scheduled for February 7-18. Classes in the summer semester will start on March 6.

Organisation of the academic year 2022/2023 (updated 27 October 2022) (pdf, 450 KB)

Study regulations (pdf, 476 KB)

IT information for students

University-wide courses for students in foreign languages 2022/2023 (pdf, 570 KB)

The current timetable for Chemistry in English and Erasmus students: check the USOS page for your schedule

Administrative support

Vice-Dean for Students and Teaching

Dr. Andrzej Wolan
phone: +48 (56) 611 43 23
e-mail: wolan@chem.umk.pl

Room no. 71
Meeting hours
Tuesday: 11:00 – 12:00

The Faculty Coordinator for Mobility (Erasmus+ students)

Dr. habil. Anna Kaczmarek – Kędziera
phone: +48 (56) 611 20 64
e-mail: teoadk@chem.umk.pl

Students Office

Joanna Bełkowska, MSc
phone: +48 (56) 611 47 26
e-mail: jbelkowska@umk.pl

Karolina Kunar, MSc
phone.: +48 (56) 611 43 27
e-mail: kk@chem.umk.pl

Room no. 72
Monday: 11am – 2pm
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday-Friday: 11am – 2pm

Personal support

Careers service

University Centre for Support and Personal Development

Equality, mediation and safety   

Organisation of the academic year

The academic year in Poland is divided into two semesters – winter and summer semesters.

The winter semester starts in October and ends in mid-February. There is a break for the Christmas holidays, which lasts about ten days. Winter examination session usually takes two or three weeks and starts between January and February.

The summer semester starts in mid-February and ends in June. There is a one-week break for Easter. Summer examination session starts in June and lasts for two or three weeks. Summer retake examination session starts before the beginning of the new academic year, at the beginning of September.

Summer holidays last three months – from the beginning of July until the end of September.

Grading system

The Polish grading system in higher education is based on the 5 to 2 scale, where 5 is the best mark and 2 is the worst. Students can also be marked with an additional sign of +, which equals half a point: + means 0.5 more. Some courses are not evaluated on such a marking scheme and for these a student may simply obtain zal. or zaliczenie which means that they have passed the course.

To compare the grading system at the Nicolaus Copernicus University with the ECTS letter grades go to  https://www.umk.pl/en/admissions/grading_system/

The rules for passing and assessing individual courses are included in the course syllabi.

Student life

Nicolaus Copernicus University campus map

Basic info for international students

To get more information on formal and living issues, attractions and events in the city, and student life, check out the NCU website for international students.