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e-mail: wydzial@chem.umk.pl

Department of Chemical Proecological Processes

DCPP (Department of Chemical Pro-ecological Processes) implements the research in subjects of the green technology sector, sustainable development policy and modifications of chemical technologies disruptive for environment. Studies also include renewable energy development, in particular landfill and agricultural biogas plants. In this respect, several monographs were published, several PhD dissertations were written and defended, a number of projects, Bachelor and Master thesis as well as grants were supported by National Found for Environmental Protection and Water Management and The National Center for Research and Development (such as GEKON – Ecological Concepts Generator project). We are experienced in an implementation of such projects as development of waste from flue gas desulphurisation installation (New Integrated Desulphurisation) in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) production. We also conduct applied research and development works in the subject of improvements for carbonization unit of ammoniated brine in Soda Ash Industry, which leads to the significant intensification in Soda production process.