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Chair of Polymer Chemistry and Photochemistry

The main research topics concern the preparation and characterization of novel polymeric materials (such as polymer blends, interpenetrating networks and composites) for special applications e.g. plastic and packaging industry, medicine, biotechnology, nanotechnology.

In recent years, the novel polymeric nanocomposites containing silver or magnetite nanoparticles have been obtained and studied using complementary analytical techniques. Such materials exhibit biological activity. Particular attention is paid on photochemical and thermal stability as well as biological, surface and mechanical properties of new designed polymeric systems. Moreover, the synthesis method of novel antibacterial polymers based on N-halamines has been elaborated (recently patented). Other scientific subject is connected with investigation of natural polymers (bionanocellulose, modified chitosan and starch) and possibility of theirs practical applications.

The main techniques used in polymer characterization are: spectroscopy (FTIR, UV-Vis, NMR), scanning microscopy (SEM, HR-TEM, AFM), thermogravimetry, DSC, viscometry, GPC, goniometry (contact angle measurements), tensile tests. Climatic chamber (Suntest, Atlas) is applied in photodegradation studies in accelerated conditions.

Biological properties are studied in cooperation with specialists from Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection NCU as well as Faculty of Pharmacy, Collegium Medicum NCU in Bydgoszcz. Our research group is also involved in co-operation with the three companies (Sorimex, Granpol, Ekomer) producingplastics and seeking innovative solutions in the industry.