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Medicinal Chemistry Research Group


The research topics of the Medical Chemistry Group include the design and synthesis of new materials based on biopolymers, with particular emphasis on polysaccharides for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. The obtained materials are also used as coatings for magnetic nanoparticles core and  for the synthesis of hybrid nanoflowers. As part of the research work, intelligent pH, thermo and photosensitive materials with potential application in medicine, particularly in the cancer treatment, are also synthesized.


Head of group : Dr. Marta Ziegler-Borowska , martaz@umk.pl,
room 259 building A,  phone (56)611-49-16

Dr. Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz, dorotachd@umk.pl,
room 267 building A,  phone (56)611-49-16

Ph.D Students :
Mgr Katarzyna Węgrzynowska-Drzymalska, kasiawd@doktorant.umk.pl,
room 205a building A
Mgr Kinga Mylkie, kinga.mylkie@o2.pl, room 205a building A

lic. Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski, asmolarkiewicz@gmail.com,
room 260 building A, phone (56)611-49-16
lic. Paweł Nowak, 291061@stud.umk.pl, room 205 building A
Michalina PożarOwska
Oktawia Kalisz
Milena Szubert
Daria Maślanka
Monika Mytlewska
Magdalena Rutkowska


Medicinal Research Group is a part of the BRAIN priority research team (Biomedical & phaRmAceutical InterdicipliNary Research Group) included to the Toruń Center of Excellence “Towards personalized medicine”.


NSC grant Preludium 12 – Synthesis of new nanocrystalline cross-linking agents based on polysaccharides obtained from plant waste and paper waste for potential biomedical application (30.08.2017– 29.08.2022), mgr Katarzyna Węgrzynowska-Drzymalska

NSC grant PRELUDIUM 10 – Synthesis and properties of superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated with biopolymers and photosensitizers as materials with potential activity for hyperthermia and PDT (2016 – 2019)  dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz

NSC grant SONATA 8; Sythesis and the interactions of magnetic nanoparticles coated with human serum proteins with chosen drugs under normal and oxidative stress conditions. (2015-2019)dr Marta Ziegler-Borowska

Prizes and awards:

Title of the best student of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, 01.10.2021,lic. Paweł Nowak

Distinction in the competition for the best student of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, 01.10.2021, lic. Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski

Second place for the best poster – X Konwersatorium Chemii Medycznej, 3-5 September 2021, Lublin, mgr Katarzyna Węgrzynowska-Drzymalska

Honorable Mention in the National Student-Inventor Competition, for co-authoring the solution “Method of Obtaining Three-Dimensional Graphene Roses and Graphene Powder” (Kielce, February 2020), lic. Paweł Nowak

Prof. Henryk Struszczyk Award for achievements in research and applications of chitin and its derivatives; September 2019, dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz

Distinction for best poster – XI Copernican International Young Scientists Conference, June 2018, dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz

1st award for the best oral communication on 3rd Symposium of Bioorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biomaterials “The influence of oxidative stress on ketoprofen binding by human serum albumin immobilized on magnetic nanoparticles coated with modified starch” December 2019, mgr Kinga Mylkie

Title of the best graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry 2019, mgr Kinga Mylkie

Distinction for the Master thesis in the SITPChem competition, Toruń, 11.2019. mgr Kinga Mylkie

Award for the best poster presentation, conference organized by the Student Section of the Polish Chemical Society on 14.12.2019 Gdańsk, Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski

Distinction for the best presentation – XXV Conference of Polish Chitin Society  “New Aspects on the Chemistry and Applications of Chitin and its Derivatives”, 25-27 September 2019, Toruń, mgr Katarzyna Węgrzynowska-Drzymalska

Distinction for the best presentation – II Nanotechnology Symposium for PhD Students – NanoMat(2018), 21-22 June 2018, Łódź, mgr Katarzyna Węgrzynowska-Drzymalska

Award for the best communication – III Toruń Symposium of Doctoral Doctors of Natural Sciences, 1-2.04.2017. dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz

Award for the best communication – Wielkopolska Symposium of Bioorganic, Organic and Biomaterial Chemistry, Poznań 05.12.2015r. dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz

Award for the best communication – III Łódź Symposium of PhD Dentists in Chemistry, Łódź 27-28.04.2015r. dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz


Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements for students in 2020/2021, lic. Paweł Nowak and lic. Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski

Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements for doctoral students; 05.12.2016. dr Dorota Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz

Qualification for the PROM program organized by the National Agency for Academic Exchange; Project title: International scholarship exchange of doctoral students and academic staff., mgr Kinga Mylkie, 2019

Scientific internships:

02.08.2021-01.10.2021-Research internship in the ERASMUS program. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Slovenia. Work in the Scientific Team of Prof. I.Turel, lic. Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski

Research internship in Medicinal Chemistry Research Group (ERASMUS program): Maëlann Le Paih-Danet,  Faculty of Process and Bioprocess Engineering,
Polytech Nantes-Saint Nazaire, France. 24.05.2021-23.08.2021.


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Piosik Emilia*, Ziegler-Borowska Marta*,  Chełminiak-Dudkiewicz Dorota, Martyński Tomasz, Effect of aminated chitosan-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles with applicational potential in nanomedicine on DPPG, DSPC, and POPC Langmuir monolayers as cell membrane models. Int. J. Mol. Sci., 2021, 22(5), 2467, doi:10.3390/ijms22052467

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