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Kinetics and Mechanisms of Chemical Processes of Coordination Compounds in Solution


The research team focuses on mechanistic studies in inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, especially in terms of the activation of small molecules such as NO, HNO, NAD+/NADH, and H2O2. Fast kinetic and rapid-scan techniques are employed to elucidate the nature of the underlying activation process, which in many cases are transition metal complexes. More recently, the group has developed an interest in the synthesis of mixed-valent metal ion-pair complexes with unexpected magnetic properties.


Prof. dr hab. Rudi van Eldik
dr hab. Anna Katafias, prof. UMK, email: katafias@umk.pl
dr Olga Impert
mgr Marta Chrzanowska
mgr Aniela Trocha


Prof. Rudi van Eldik – NCN grant OPUS 19 “Mechanistic clarification of the interaction of nanoparticles and nanoscale coordination compounds at the interface of multiphase chemical and medicinal related processes”.


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