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e-mail: wydzial@chem.umk.pl

Functional Polymer Materials Team


We are a young, creative and dynamic team established in 2020. Motivated by the fascination to create advanced polymeric materials that exhibit new useful applications in personalized medicine, drug delivery, or cosmetology, the primary research focus of the Functional Polymer Materials Team is the design, synthesis, and investigation of properties of novel scaffolds, hydrogels, films, microparticles, and skin care products. Our interests and activities are interdisciplinary.  In many of our projects, we are inspired by nature’s materials, especially biopolymers.

To obtain and characterize materials, we use various technics and apparatus: encapsulation, homogenization, lyophilization, dialysis, mechanical testing machine (for stretching, compression, puncture, spreadability, adhesion, extrusion), particle size analyzer, DSC, UV-Vis, microscopic imaging, skin parameters measurements.

At Functional Polymer Materials Team we focus on young people. We try to inspire our students to excel in a scientific research career.


dr Joanna Skopińska-Wiśniewska – coordinator
phone: +48 (56) 611 49 38; e-mail: joanna@umk.pl

dr Justyna Kozłowska
phone: +48 (56) 611 43 14; e-mail: justynak@umk.pl

PhD students:
mgr Natalia Stachowiak
phone: +48 (56) 611 43 13, e-mail: nat.sta@doktorant.umk.pl
mgr Weronika Prus-Walendziak
e-mail: weronika.pw@doktorant.umk.pl






New, ecological solutions in the design of cosmetic preparations –  Young Scientist Grant, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry NCU, 2021-2022, mgr Weronika Prus-Walendziak

Soapwort root extract (Saponaria officinalis L.) as a source of saponins – natural surfactants – Young Scientist Grant, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry NCU, 2021-2022, mgr Natalia Stachowiak

New functional MATerials for 3D printing in UROlogy needs – TECHMATSTRATEG2/407770/2/NCBR/2020, NCBiR, 2020-2023, dr Joanna Skopińska-Wiśniewska

The use of polymer microparticles in new cosmetic products for skin changed during anticancer treatment – Grants4NCUStudents, Excellence Initiative – Research University, 2020-2021, mgr Weronika Prus-Walendziak

Functional, degradable polymer matrices containing microparticles with the addition of surfactants as an ecological alternative for wet wipes, 2018/31/N/ST8/02007, Preludium 16, NCN, 2019-2022, mgr Natalia Stachowiak

New materials containing microparticles incorporated into polymer matrix for medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications – UMO-2016/21/D/ST8/01705, Sonata, NCN, 2017-2022, dr Justyna Kozłowska


  • The Best Graduate at the Faculty of Chemistry at the NCU in the academic year 2019/2020, Weronika Prus-Walendziak
  • Award of the Regional Branch of the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers SITPChem for the best Master’s thesis in the academic year 2019/2020 titled Emulsion films and 3D matrices for cosmetic applications, Weronika Prus-Walendziak
  • Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements (2018/2019, 2019/2020), Weronika Prus-Walendziak
  • Team award of the Rector of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń for achievements in the organizational field in 2020


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