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Department of Chemical Technology


The research concern the development of new methods of utilization of liquid and solid industrial waste. In addition, the investigations are carried out towards the development of new carbon and hybrid materials to be used in the separation process of valuable metals from industrial wastewater.

The research conducted in the Department also concerns the utilization of membrane based separation methods during removal of micropollutants from water and the application of proecological technologies in industry and renewable energy production.


Dr hab. Urszula Kiełkowska, prof. UMK; ulak@umk.pl
Dr hab. Krzysztof Mazurek, prof. UMK; k.mazurek@umk.pl
Dr Sebastian Drużyński; sebdru@umk.pl
Dr Bartłomiej Igliński, iglinski@chem.umk.pl
Dr Marcin Cichosz; chemik@umk.pl
Dr Anna Kujawska; akujawska@umk.pl


Project „Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST)” with funding from the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (2016/2017).


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