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Gold Medal of Chemistry awards

gold medal of chemistry with a title: awarded by Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences and DuPont company
photo: press materials

We are pleased to announce that in the XIII Edition of the Gold Medal of Chemistry competition, DuPont special awards went to a Faculty of Chemistry student Patrycja Grabowska, BSc.

This contest awards prizes to students who have completed bachelor's or master's theses in chemistry or chemistry combined with other disciplines: physics, material science, biology, and medicine. The contest holders are the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the DuPont Company. An Honorary Patronage was granted by the Polish Chemical Society, the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Dr Maciej Żylicz, President of the Foundation for Polish Science.

The topic of Patrycja Grabowska's bachelor thesis is "Hybrid materials containing praseodymium oxide as effective catalysts for the process of obtaining green hydrogen." Hybrid catalysts based on perovskite oxides doped with praseodymium, carbon, and nitrogen were developed. The obtained results confirmed the possibility of developing cheap, efficient, and stable catalysts for the process of obtaining green hydrogen. The supervisor of Patrycja Grabowska’s thesis was Dr. Habil. Anna Ilnicka, NCU Prof.

"The authors of the theses we highlight are only at the beginning of their promising scientific careers. Their theses already provide real answers to the modern world's civilizational challenges. We believe that soon, they will significantly contribute to the development of the Polish chemical industry, which we wish them with all our hearts." – said Tomasz Redzimski, General Director of DuPont Polska.


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