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BSc Chemistry

General information

  • Type of study: full-time studies
  • Duration of study: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Number of ECTS: 180 points
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Obtained title: BSc (Bachelor of Science)

Programme structure

Year 1

Compulsory courses

Informatics in chemistry
Occupational safety, health and ergonomics
General chemistry
Fundamentals of analytical chemistry

Elective courses

Bioethics/nature philosophy
University-wide courses (one of the list – updated every year)

Year 2

Compulsory courses

Physical chemistry
Fundamentals of quantum chemistry
Instrumental analysis
Environmental chemistry and ecology
Applied and material chemistry
Organic chemistry A
Chemical technology and chemical engineering
Professional internship

Elective courses

English in Chemistry (choice of level)
Sport (choice of the discipline)
Course related to chemistry studies from the list below:

Year 3

Compulsory courses

Organic chemistry B
Inorganic chemistry
Fundamentals of chemistry of biological processes and bioanalytics
Diploma project
Diploma laboratory
Diploma seminar

Elective courses

3 blocks to choose from the list below:


Plan of studies (252 KB, PDF) – since 2019/2020

Study programme (354 KB, PDF)

Learning outcomes (159 KB, PDF)