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Tematyka badawcza

Area of research

In general – theoretical chemistry and physics. In particular:

  • designing the optimal conditions for the first experimental observation of the nuclear excitation by the atomic electron capture for the nuclear isomers;
  • analysis of high-temperature plasma (occurring inside tokamak-type reactors) parameters by x-ray diagnostics based on L and M X-ray spectra of high-ionized tungsten atoms;
  • theoretical studies of the structure of satellites, hypersatellites and satellites of the hypersatellite lines in the K, L and M X-ray spectra of various atoms;
  • theoretical studies of the K-shell hypersatellite linewidths and lifetimes of double K-shell ionized states;
  • investigations of shake processes resulting from single and double photoionization and nuclear decays;
  • theoretical studies of the double K-shell photoionization mechanisms;
  • interpretation of the high-resolution L and M X-ray spectra accompanying the multiple ionization of heavy target atoms in collisions with fast ions;
  • interpretation of the K X-ray spectra accompanying the ionization of low-density silicon aerogel targets in swift collision processes;
  • studies of influence of changes in the valence electronic configuration on the structure of K, L and M X-ray spectra of d and f atoms;
  • study of the equilibrium K-, L- and M-shell ionizations and charge state distribution of sulphur projectiles passing through solid targets.