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Internships – outgoing

Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski: Erasmus+ internship remarks

Aleksander spent a summer in 2021 in an internship at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski at Ljubljana University Aleksander Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski at Ljubljana University


Katarzyna Pianka: Erasmus+ remarks

“I started my Erasmus+ trip in my second year of engineering studies when I went to Brno (Czech Republic) for a semester. Two further trips followed, both to study and to do an internship. Without the Erasmus+ program, I would not have been able to study abroad. Through my travels, I met wonderful people from all over the world. I got to know the local cultures and tasted traditional dishes. I have improved my English skills and broadened my horizons and professional experience, which will be helpful in the future. I encourage you to seize the opportunity to go abroad with Erasmus+. There won’t be a better opportunity!!!”

Katarzyna Pianka in Brno Multicolour solutions at the laboratory table Katarzyna Pianka on the viewing platform (Czechia)