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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM-EDX-EELS)

Transmission electron microscope (TEM)  from FEI Europe, Tecnai F20 X-Twin model from 2011 (Tecnai G2 line of microscopes ). The Tecnai model has atomic resolution and is a microscope with versatile application in material research.

Basic microscope parameters:

  • accelerating voltage range: 20-200 kV,
  • Field Emission Gun (Schottky FEG)
  • point resolution: 0.25 nm,
  • linear resolution: 0.102 nm.

Work techniques:

  • TEM (BF, DF),
  • STEM (HAADF detector),
  • Diffraction (SAED technique*),
  • Tomography.

Detector Types:

  • BF (Bright Field),
  • DF (Dark field),
  • HAADF (High Angle Annular Dark Field),
  • EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer),
  • PEELS (Parallel Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer).

Additional equipment:

  • Quanta 3D FEG hybrid instrument (SEM / FIB)   for two- and three-dimensional material characterization, ion etching and preparation of lamellas for TEM,
  • Fischione Plasma Cleaner 1020 plasma cleaning device,
  • Ultramikrotom  Leica Ultracut UC7 with glass knifemaker Leica EM KMR3,
  • Sample trimmer, Leica EM TXP,
  • sputter for deposition nanometric layers of gold with palladium SC7620 and carbon CA7625, manufactured by Quorum Technologies.

Images of the analyzed surface are recorded in digital form, which gives the ability to quickly send analysis results, e.g. by e-mail.

The laboratory provides commissioned research service. We have extensive experience in analyzes for economy sector.

Fees for the analysis are negotiated and depend on the sample feature, number of enlargements the need for special sample preparation etc.

For further information, please contact:
M.Sc. Krystian Kociński
tel: (56) 611-48-32
e-mail: krykoc@umk.pl