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General information

MSc Modern Materials for Chemistry and Medicinal Applications is a unique double-diploma course which combines chemistry of materials and medicinal chemistry.

Studies are conducted by Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Faculty of Chemistry) and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kyiv (Ukraine). Both universities are leading universities in their countries.
During two academic years, students participate in lectures, tutorials and laboratories. At the final stage of the study, students perform an individual research project (diploma work) in an academic research group.

The master study programme Modern Materials for Chemistry and Medicinal Applications is based on high-level research and the long-time experience of both partner universities’ staff. It provides modern education for chemists and includes both theoretical issues, such as drug design, and practical issues, such as the synthesis of new materials and their analysis using modern spectroscopic methods and membrane separation methods. The course is a response to the growing demand for specialists in the application of chemical knowledge to the broader fields of medicine and advanced materials.

Compulsory modules include, among others:

  • nanomaterials,
  • polymers and composite materials,
  • pharmaceutical chemistry,
  • organic synthesis in drug discovery,
  • modern separation techniques,
  • purification and separation in membranes,
  • physicochemical methods of modern material characterization.

Methodology of scientific research in chemistry course will prepare students to conduct an independent research project. The academic English courses will extend students’ skills in communication and dissemination of the results. Students will also develop skills in the oral presentation of their work in a research seminar.

For the full courses offered see the study programme.

The programme structure:

schematic time-line of the course

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The curriculum for the studies was developed as part of the KATAMARAN Project funded by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA (agreement no. PPI/KAT/2019/1/00018/U/00001)

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