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Raman Spectroscopy

Raman, confocal, dispersion spectrometer Senterra by Bruker Optik equipped with a video camera allows  to record the place of measurement. A stage moving in xyz planes allows also to make Raman maps.

Basic device parameters:

  • 20x and 50x magnification microscope objectives,
  • maximum sample height 1.5 cm (z axis value),
  • spectral range: for 785 nm line 90-3500 cm-1,power  range 1-100 mW and for 532 nm line 50-4400 cm-1 power range 0.20 to 20 mW,
  • thermoelectrically cooled CCD detector.


  • material engineering: polymers, paper, composites, catalysts, carbon nanotubes, graphene,
  • pharmaceuticals: polymorphism, testing of samples,
  • chemicals, including bio- and petrochemicals: identification, pollution analysis,
  • and others.

Fees for the analysis are negotiated and depend on: number of samples, their features, and special preparation of the sample for analysis, etc. 

For further information please contact:

M.Sc. Aleksandra Cyganiuk
phone: (56) 611-48-32
e-mail: acyganiuk@umk.pl