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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR)

We have the following spectrometers:

Bruker Avance III 700 MHz equipped with:

  • 5 mm BBO and BBI probes for obtaining 1H, 19F and 31P – 109Ag spectra in  solutions
  • temperature unit: BCU Xtreme  working range –40  – +40  oC
  • temperature unit for very low temp. range to  –120 oC
  • two CPMAS broadband probes for obtaining solid state spectra in the range 31P – 109 Ag in 3.2 mm rotors. Spinning rate up to 18 kHz

Bruker Avance III 400 MHz equipped with:

  • 5 mm BBO probe for obtaining 1H, 19F  – 109Ag spectra in  solutions. We can perform 19F with hydrogen decoupling, and 1H spectra with fluoride  decoupling.
  • temperature unit: BCU Xtreme  working range  –40  – +40  oC

Bruker 300 MHz equipped with:

  • 5 mm probe for obtaining 1H and 13C spectra
  • CPMAS broadband probe for obtaining solid state spectra in the range 2D – 31P in 7 mm rotors. Spinning rate 4 kHz.

We make  one- and two-dimensional spectra using standard program sequences.

We have experience in performing spectra of the following isotopes in solutions:

1H, 11B, 13C, 15N, 17O, 19F, 23Na, 29Si, 31P, 35Cl, 49Ti, 59Co, 63Cu, 69Ga, 77Se, 195Pt

and 13C,  11B, 15N, 23Na, 27Al, 29Si, 31P in solid state.

The laboratory provides commissioned research service. We have extensive experience in analyzes for the science and economy sector.

Fees for the analysis are negotiated and depend on the sample feature, solvents, need for special sample preparation etc.

For further information please contact:
M.Sc. Marta Ćwiklińska
email: mcwiklinska@chem.umk.pl
tel: (56) 611-43-10

M.Sc. Julia Paluszyńska
email: j.paluszynska@umk.pl
tel: (56) 611-43-10

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