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Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDX spectrometer (SEM-EDX)

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) produced by LEO Electron Microscopy Ltd, England, model 1430 VP, 2001. SEM is a kind of electron microscope for studying the surface topography of solids. The advantage of the 1430 VP model is work in a controlled vacuum (range from 1 to 270 Pa), which gives the possibility to image weakly conductive and hydrated samples without the need of special preparation (e.g. coating of a conductive material).

Basic microscope parameters:

  • zoom range from 40 to 800,000 times,
  • theoretical resolution of 5 nm (tungsten cathode),
  • accelerating voltage from 200 V to 30 kV,
  • weight of sample: from fractions of gram to about 0.5 kg,
  • sample dimensions: from fractions of mm to approx. 50 mm

 Detector Types:

  • SE detector (secondary electrons signal detection),
  • BSE detector (backscattered electrons signal detection),
  • CL detector (cathodoluminescence CL)

Additional equipment:

  • energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDX) Quantax 200 with XFlash 4010 detector, Bruker AXS, Germany 2008)
  • sputter for coating of nanometric layers of gold and palladium SC7620 and carbon CA7625, manufactured by Quorum Technologies, England 2008.

Images of the analyzed surface are recorded in such a form that allows to send them e.g.
by e-mail. The laboratory provides commissioned research service. We have extensive experience in analyzes for the scientific and economy sector.

Fees for the analysis are negotiated and depend on the sample feature, number
of enlargements, need for special sample preparation etc.

For further information please contact:

M.Sc. Mariola Krawitowska
phone: (56) 611-48-32
e-mail: m.krawitowska@umk.pl