Polskie Towarzystwo Membranowe
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Membranes in Poland
Membranes in Poland
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Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials, Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. M. Curie - Skłodowskiej 34
41-819 Zabrze

Membrane Materials and Processes Laboratory

dr hab. Aleksandra Wolińska-Grabczyk, prof. PAN)

The research is focused on new membrane materials for gas separation, vapor permeation, and pervaporation. The main applications pertain to capture of greenhouse gases (CO2, SF6, VOC), removal of VOC from water, and separating azeotropic or close-boiling mixtures. The major areas of the research cover:
development of pure polymer materials, including systems based on commercially available polymers, as well as newly synthesized or modified polymers,
development of heterogeneous systems composed of polymer matrix and different fillers (zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, silica),
determination of structure and physical properties of new materials, and their transport characteristics (measurements using laboratory units for GS, VP, PV),
development of fundamental knowledge; determination of structure-transport properties relationships.
Contact : awolinska(AT)cmpw-pan.edu.pl

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