Polskie Towarzystwo Membranowe
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Membranes in Poland
Membranes in Poland
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Warsaw University of Technology (WaUT)
pl. Politechniki 1
00-661 Warszawa

This large group of Polish membranologists was formed at Warsaw University of Technology in the last decade. The research is focused on preparation of new membrane and membrane devices, their use in industrial processes (in diary and food industries), modification of materials for biotechnological and medicine applications, or modeling of new membrane processes for removing of hazardous components.
I . Faculty of Chemistry (Prof. Zbigniew BRZOZKA)
membrane sensors, among other based on siloxane and “self - plasticized”,
miniaturisation of analytical devices,
analysis and monitoring of environm ental pollution.
Contact: brzozka(AT)ch.pw.edu.pl
II. Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering (Prof. Roman GAWRONSKI)
liquid membranes based on emulsion of synthetic oil,
various membrane - based separation processes,
treatment of aqueous  solution on membrane systems,
sorption of sulphur dioxide in membrane module.
Contact: r.gawronski(AT)ichip.pw.edu.pl
III. Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering (Prof. Wojciech PIATKIEWICZ)
filtration engineering plant design (mainly for food processing and for industrial waste treatment),
membrane separation processes,
membrane manufacturing,
modelling of filtration processes.
Contact: w.piatkiewicz(AT)ichip.pw.edu.pl
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